First time in history the Telugu Christmas Carols are recorded in four parts Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.



Telugu Christmas Carol Innovations


Gospel singing is a priceless divine gift
and we do not intend to sell it through this unique album.

We encourage you to have your share in this massive singing ministry by your donation as led by the Lord.

$3.00 (Shipping & Handling)


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Sacred music and singing are two gifts that God has given us to express our deepest praise for Him. Melody of His praise extols His sovereignty and invokes His presence. What a privilege it is to be an instrument of grace in a world that needs a manifestation of God’s grace!

Thank God for godly musicians and singers, whose talented effort, has created this album of joyous singing. This is a new trend in Telugu Christmas Carol singing. It is a priceless addition to your library. The melody of its singing transports you into the atmosphere of heaven. It is a treasure for you and your family during the holy season of His birth.

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