Hurricane Sandy swept through the Caribbean and up the East Coast of the United States.

  • October 2012
  • United States
  • Superstorm Sandy, also called Hurricane Sandy or Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy, massive storm that brought significant wind and flooding damage to Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, and the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states in late October 2012.

  • Flash flooding generated by the storm’s relentless rainfall, high winds, and coastal storm surges killed 147 people and produced widespread property damage in the areas in its path.

  • The storm swept through the Caribbean as a tropical cyclone (hurricane), and, upon reaching the waters off the coast of New Jersey, it merged with a fast southeastward-moving cold air mass, which drew it westward over land.

  • The storm caused more than $70 billion in damage in the United States and was among the most costly natural disasters in U.S. history.

The Pain and Suffering Caused by Hurricane Sandy

For seven days in October 2012, Hurricane Sandy pounded the Caribbean and US East Coast with punishing rain, wind, and waves. As the storm approached landfall, the National Hurricane Center renamed the hurricane "Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy." But to those whose lives were devastated – it will always be remembered as super storm Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey on October 29, 2012. It did $71.5 billion in economic damage, according to the National Hurricane Center. It had been a Category 3 storm, but downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it made landfall.

The storm damaged or destroyed at least 650,000 homes, and 8 million customers lost power. Storm surges were massive: 8 1/2 feet higher than normal at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, and 12 1/2 feet at Kings Point, Long Island.

Our Charity Work for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Services provided by our network:
  • 500 Food Basket has been distributed.

  • 750 people have received clothing.

  • 760 people have received Counseling and assistance.

  • 100 people were provided medical assistance or help with prescriptions.

  • 600 people have received direct financial assistance such as gift cards or cash, gift cards/cash, to help the families get back them back on their feet.

In total, we have touched over 1,250 families with our limited resources.

Brand New Clothes Drive:
Description Quantity
Description Quantity
Girls’ frocks 1,200
Ladies’ Dresses 300
Children’s Clothes 200 pairs
Adults Pants & Shirts 550 pairs

Counseling Services:
In addition to providing aid, our volunteers have personally interacted one to one with the victims. They have given them comfort and strength and a sense of peace and we have done our best to fulfill their basic needs as quickly as possible.

Clean Up Assistance:
With so much destruction, with our limited resources, we have also assisted in small ways to removing the debris.