Disaster Response in Chennai - Major Flood Relief Operation

  • December 2015
  • Chennai, India
  • In 2015, Chennai, India had experienced record-breaking rains and flooding since early November.

  • More than 200,000 people were stranded; more than 500 people killed, thousands were injured, and 300,000 people were left homeless.

The devastating floods that hit Chennai city and other parts of Tamil Nadu during November and December 2015 have claimed more than 400 lives and caused enormous economic damages totaling US $4.5 billion. In the first week of December 2015, Chennai saw unprecedented flooding as a result of heavy rainfall. The Indian city of Chennai received more rainfall in 24 hours than it had seen on any day since 1901. The deluge followed a month of persistent monsoon rains that were already well above normal for the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Citizens banded together to rescue others stranded in their homes as the water levels rose to alarming levels. We take a look some scenes from the floods that devastated many lives and caused untold destruction to properties. Tamil Nadu faced nature's fury in 2015 with unprecedented rains and floods pounding several parts of Chennai and its suburbs, leaving over 500 people dead and prompting the Centre to declare it a "calamity of severe nature". Several hundred had been critically injured, and thousands had been affected or displaced by the flooding that has ensued.

Our Charity Work in Chennai

  • Food and Blankets Supplied

  • We have delivered 1,560 Food Baskets containing 15 kg Boiled Rice, 2 kg Dal and 2 kg oil each.

  • Additionally, we also distributed 500 blankets and Bed Kits.

  • Medicines Provided - we funded the following medicines to the Government Health Services to be distributed to government-run medical camps operating on various islands.
Description Quantity
Rehydration powder 12,000 packets
Water Purification 20,000 tablets
Anti-Malaria 35,000 tablets & 3,000 injections
Anti-Depression 10,200 tablets
Anti-Diarrhoea 12,300 tablets
Anti-Vomiting 2,000 tablets & 3,000 injections
Paracetamol 5,000 tablets
Antibiotics 200 injections
Operation Purpose 1,000 injections
Mineral boosting 200 injections
Saline injections 300 injections
Urinary tract infections 400 injections
Painkillers 500 injections
Sterile Water 300 injections
Disposable syringes & needles 2,400 sets
Antiseptic Cream 1,110 tubes